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    Top 6 Reasons Why India is not a Developed Country

    India is one of the fastest-growing developed countries. If we ask ourselves about the reason, we get an answer. Only government isn’t responsible for making this country develop. But, as a citizen of India, we’ve also many responsibilities that we ignore.
    The main motto of writing this blog is not to degrade the Indians but to make every citizen aware of what we are lacking to improve in those areas and make our Country developed compared to other developing courtiers like America, China, etc.
    After long research, our Economic Buddy team finds out the top main reason behind causes that every citizen of India should be aware of.



    We are not saying that Indians are irresponsible. On the contrary, we are more responsible, creative, and emotional than only our family and close ones. Our country can develop if we will keep similarities with others too because we are one. Out unity everywhere definitely makes this country a developed country!

    Love to Comfort Zone: 

    Love to Comfort Zone

    We are very serious about comfort, especially in professional and job cases. We never want to take risks in building our enterprise; we love government jobs to stay comfortable and secure. Although more than 75% of Indians are always looking for a government job, our education system only teaches us “How to get a job.”  This mindset is a big crisis for the next generation.

    Lack of Guidance in Developed Country:

    A strong reason that made America a developed country is constant guidance. America and other developed countries always encourage their aspirant dream, goals, and ideas, and they give utmost importance to ideas and goals. But unfortunately, in our nation, there are low levels of encouragement. Instead of encouraging someone, people always discourage them, don’t believe their ideas, and don’t allow them to achieve that.

    Lack of Encouragement

    Not Working for Nation: 

    Most Indians aren’t working for the nation, they don’t want the country to become successful, and they want their caste, religion, or only themselves to become successful, instead of working for India. Our Nation will be developed when the citizen of India starts working for the country’s growth. Instead of just being partial or biased about their community; basically, there is a lack of unity in our country.

    Unemployment in Developed Country: 

    Another reason why India is not a developed country is unemployed youth. As discussed in the previous point, our education system doesn’t teach us to be self-employed. So our new generation goes to school to get a good private or government job in future. And in the future, when they don’t get a satisfying job, they start rooming from one office to another office, and in the end, they stay unemployed. So now this unemployed is the real headache for India.

    Corruption in Developed Country: 

    Corruption is one of the biggest hurdles behind a country’s social and economic development. To become a developed nation we need to take a stand against the corrupt system of the country. Our country can emerge as a superpower nation by eliminating the odds of corruption.

    The Final Thoughts:

    As mentioned at the beginning of the blog that this blog is written to spread awareness among the citizens of the country. For the socio and economic development of the country, the youths of the country need to take a step forward and contribute to the development of the nation. The patriotism toward the country and a vision to shape the future will take this country to the heights of success. As responsible citizens, let’s take a stand to make this country a superpower and a better place to live.

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