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    Summary of India’s Interim Budget 2024-25

    The Interim Union Budget for 2024-2025 was recently presented by Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman in Parliament. Let’s break down the key highlights for better understanding: In summary, India’s interim budget emphasizes sustainable growth, fiscal responsibility, and targeted welfare measures. It sets the stage for India’s journey towards becoming a Viksit Bharat

    Overcoming Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship: Insights from Women Entrepreneurs in India

    Women entrepreneurship in India is on the rise and it’s about time we take notice!  Despite facing numerous obstacles, women across the country are breaking barriers and making their mark in the business world. From founding successful startups to leading established companies, female entrepreneurs in India are paving the way for a brighter future.  So,

    Green Supply Chain Management – A more Sustainable Supply Chain

    Since the last few decades, environmental issues have been increasing drastically and traveling faster than a forest fire, from a different country to region, then region to world-level territory, which is considered a serious cause of climate change and global warming.  Apart from that, scarcity of natural resources, wealth, and increasing air and water pollution

    Women’s Empowerment and Economic Development in India

    Women are making significant contributions to global economies through their various activities. However, they remain among the world’s most economically disadvantaged groups.  They are always disproportionately discriminated against in the labour market for their gender, contending with low-skilled and informal jobs. So they often remain outside the ambit of financial inclusion, which results in poor

    Supply Analysis – A Detailed Guide

    What is supply?  Supply of a commodity refers to the various quantities of the commodity that a seller is willing and able to sell at a different price in a given market, at a particular point, by remaining other things constant.  An aspect of supply management which needs attention is that supply is related to