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    Price of Matchbox to be Hiked to Rs 2 After 14 Years Later

    From December 1, the price of every matchbox will be increased’s 2 from the present Re 1. This is in view of a rise in the production budget, triggered by an increase in the price of raw materials. Matchbox buyers will get more matchsticks into a matchbox when they buy it at an updated price Rs.2 , up from 36 matches to 50 per box.

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    After a gap of 14 years, the National Small Matchbox Manufacturers Association has finally increased the price of their product! The raw materials have increased in price and that’s leading to a jump in cost.

    The price of all the raw materials used in our products has increased. “Price of kilo red phosphorus also has increased from Rs 410 to Rs 850, wax from Rs 72 to Rs 85, potassium chlorinate from Rs 68 to Rs 80, splints (sticks) from Rs 42 to Rs 48, and the outer box and inner box both have gone up,” said by matchbox manufacturers association.

    The rise in fuel prices is also a factor to increase the production cost. It has also led to an increase in the transportation cost of products. The government has decided that from December 1, the price of a matchbox would be increased to Rs 2 (MRP) from the present Re 1, they said. “After about six months we may review the situation.” In 2007, the price was increased from fifty paise to Re 1 per matchbox.

    Sethurathinam said the matchstick count in a matchbox will be increased to 50 from 36. “When the customer pay Rs 2, he will get 50 match sticks into the matchbox.” The price increase would help tackle the situation that has arisen due to the rise in production cost and the decision to go for a hike was taken after discussions with all associations, he said.

    Over 5 lakh people depend on the matchbox industry and, while 90% of the workers are women, Tamil Nadu is a leading manufacturer of matchboxes, and Thiurthangal, Kovilpatti, Sattur, Sivakasi, Ettayapuram, Kazhugumalai, and Kaveripakkam are the major production centers.

    Approximately, there are 1,000 matchbox units which include small and medium-sized matchbox manufacturers as well.

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